How can I stop my cat from wool sucking?

Kitten playing with red ball of yarn, close-up
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Kittens should be kept with the mother cat until the age of eight weeks, and ideally until they are 12 weeks old. They will normally outgrow their need to suckle when they are introduced to kitten food, although many of them will continue to try to suckle the mother cat for a few weeks longer. They also learn important socializing skills during this 12-week period, which will eventually help them interact positively with other cats and bond with their humans.

When you adopted this six-week-old kitten, you became her surrogate mother. Kneading while sucking your ear was a natural step in her development since her mother's nipple was no longer available. Wool or other soft fabric became the second choice because of its soft warmth, also reminiscent of the mother cat. Some cats may try to suckle other cats or even their own fur. You can compare this to a human child who sucks her thumb.

Other Contributing Factors to Wool Sucking in Cats

Although early removal from the mother cat may be the main cause in wool-sucking, other conditions might also play a role, either in the overall behavior issue or when wool-sucking periodically comes and goes.

Genetics (Breed)

Oriental breeds, such as the Siamese, have been pinpointed as more likely to suck wool and other soft fabrics. It is unknown at this point how actual genetics are involved, except for the fact that Siamese, as a rule, requires more time before weaning than other breeds of cats.


Just as thumb-sucking children may grow up to be nail-biters only during times of stress, cats who seem to have given up their wool-sucking needs may revert during stressful periods. If this happens with your cat, examine the kinds of changes that might have triggered the wool-sucking:

Environmental Changes

These might include a new baby, a new pet, moving to a new home, or even rearranging the furniture.

Sudden Aggression by another Family Cat

Redirected aggression is often the culprit here.

Death of a Family Member

The death of any close friend, whether it be human, feline, or otherwise, can be stressful to cats, who may retreat to the most comforting habit they remember from kittenhood.

Ways to Discourage Cats from Sucking Wool

If your cat has never ingested any material he has suckled on, you may just wish to tolerate it, and let him have that bit of comfort. That was our decision with Jaspurr; we considered his suckling of his foreleg an endearing habit, almost always practiced near a human companion. Ingestion of fabric or other material can cause dangerous abdominal blockage, which sometimes requires surgery to remove. Try some of these methods alternately, or in combination, to help him:

  • Remove the Temptation: Remove all throws, blankets, and clothing which are his normal sucking targets, and lock them up for the duration. Out of sight, out of mind.
  • Offer a Substitute: A soft terrycloth toy might provide a safe target for his attention. One innovative product is the Catsifier, which is an attractive pillow on one side, with four lifelike "nipples" attached to the other side - a cat "pacifier," if you will.
  • Distract His Attention: You can try tapping your cat lightly on the nose, then give him a treat as a reward when he stops sucking wool. Likewise, putting him on the floor and engaging in an interactive game, such as "hide and seek," or wand play, will take his attention away.
  • Stress-Related Wool Sucking May Indicate Medication: Try to remove or correct the source of the stress, first. If your cat still seems to need suckling, try a natural anti-stress remedy, such as flower essences, or a homeopathic remedy. If this fails to work, consult your veterinarian to see if an anti-anxiety or antidepressant drug might be indicated.

    Loads of love, patience, and creative trial and error may be required to help your cat either desist or cut back on his wool sucking. As mentioned above, if it is harmless, you may just need to put his emotional comfort first and learn to accept it.