6 Best Companies That Sell Toys for Birds

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    Bring on the Toys

    Green Parrot Perched on the Open Door of Its Cage
    JillLang/Getty Images

    A​ bird enjoys their toys. It keeps them active, stimulated and it keeps their minds busy. They also need to gnaw and to chew. It’s instinctive for them to chew on different materials as they would do while foraging in the wild, so providing toys is a terrific way to give your bird a “job.”

    There are all different kinds of toys you can provide for them. There are foot toys, hanging toys, vertical toys that are hung on the inside wall of a cage and act as a sort of a play board and there are puzzle toys.

    While you can find some of these toys at the big box bird supply stores, I have found the best sources to be the small, privately owned bird supply stores, bird fairs, and expos, as well as online sources.

    What type of toy you get for your bird or parrot depends on her temperament. What does she like to do? Does she like to chew on soft things like paper? Does she enjoy ripping the snot out of balsa wood, or is she into leather?

    Offering many different types of toys and seeing what your bird prefers to play with and how she interacts with it is one way of determining what kind of toy would be best suited for your bird. Once you know what she prefers to do it’s up to you to select the toys you think your bird would like the best.

    Online shopping is one way of making it easy to find a vast variety of toys that are good quality and will make your bird happy to play and explore ways of attempting to destroy it.

    Below are 6 bird toy companies that exist online, that will make your shopping easier. The websites are nice and the quality of the toys is superior. I’ll be featuring other wonderful toy companies in the future. 

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    The Leather Elves

    A Refillable Ring!
    Robin Shewokis/The Leather Elves

    Robin Shewokis is the proprietor of The Leather Elves, and she has a unique approach to her toys. For the most part, her toys are all natural color toys. She uses birch wood in many of the toys that she sources from Maine. Robin also incorporates fruit and nuts into some of her toys as well as integrating a lot of natural leather. These are beautiful, natural toys that are worth a look. You can find The Leather Elves at the link provided, and you can find them on Facebook.

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    Bonka Bird Toys

    Bird Ball
    Bonka Bird Toys

    Bonka Bird Toys are created in the Fort Lauderdale area. It is a family-owned business, and their toys are well received by the thousands of people who buy their toys. Their toys are hand-crafted, innovative, well made and the company provides excellent customer service. They use bird-safe vegetable dye in all of their toys. 

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    Superbird Creations

    Bird Toy
    Deb White/Superbird Creations

    Superbird Creations  company mission is "To have a positive influence on the lives of companion birds and their owners through the design and manufacture of our products.” They have some beautiful toys!

    Deb White, the owner of Superbird, believes that toys need to fulfill instincts. She says, “Birds have a natural craving to chew and a daily need to forage for food. In the wild, a parrot’s behavior is very active and playful. They have been observed stripping the bark off trees, biting off and flinging leaves and twigs, swinging from and climbing on vines all the while chattering gleefully with the rest of the flock. Instinctively, companion birds are still very much like their wild counterparts.”

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    Talon Toys

    Talon Toys
    Talon Toys

    Talon Toys is the new kid on the block, but they have made great strides already,.New to the bird toy arena, Jennifer and Jason D'Angelo decided to begin making bird toys when they couldn't quite find what they wanted the market. They use all certified bird safe materials including FDA approved food based coloring and non-toxic wood. The cotton rope they use on some of their toys is made with American grown cotton and all of the leather used is vegetable tanned. While they are a new company with a still-growing line of toys, they have some wonderful ideas that might appeal to your birds. 

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    My Birdie Buddy

    Bird Toy
    Nyla Copp/My Birdie Buddy

    Nyla Copp is an amazing craftsman! She not only makes toys in her shop, but she also builds aviaries and a play gym. She also can design toys perches and environments for special needs birds with an emphasis on enrichment. Nyla's My Birdie Buddy online store makes "Puzzler Foraging Blocks" that are terrific for parrots who like to chew. 

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    Noah's Ark And Novelty

    Noah's Ark And Novelty

    Noah’s Ark And Novelty is an exciting business. They not only make toys, but they supply toy parts if you’re the “Do It Yourself” type. 

    They make toys not only for companion birds, but they make them for pet sugar gliders as well. They have some pretty exciting parts, but then, their goal is to find lots of affordable, unique & difficult to locate items.