The Absolutely Best Bird Memes Ever

Orange Parakeets
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    Bird Memes Are Storming The Internet

    One of my all time favorites!.

     What is a meme anyway? Well, it is a phenomenon that happened on the internet with people combining images with words to express an idea.

    Not unlike the office humor called "Faxlore" that you found on walls, desks and in break rooms, they were usually about work and mostly about working in an office. They got passed from person to person and were xeroxed again and again.  According to top, Faxlore is "A kind of folklore comprising humorous texts, folk poetry, folk art, and urban legends that are circulated by fax machine or photocopier."  They were usually pretty lame and as they were photocopied and faxed from office to office, the images got more blurry. Now with the internet they are emailed and posted on social media. In fact entire websites are devoted to noting but posting the best memes they can find. 

    One of the first of these was which launched in 2007 by blogger Eric Nakagawa and his friend, Kari Unebesami. This meme business began when Nakagawa asked his friend Unebesami to send him something to cheer him up after an especially bad day at work. So she sent him a couple of images of a couple of cats that she had found and superimposed some funny captions on them. That did it. The two knew they had to begin a website featuring some memes that they created. Now all content is submitted by the site's fans and while at its busiest time they were receiving up to 500 submissions a day, that rate has settled down to currently about 12 or so submissions daily. At one point they almost gave up and were going to take the website down due to the work load. This clever website surpassed one billion page views in 2009.

    Most of the memes generated use the typeface "Impact," created by Geoffrey Lee in 1965 and have created the language of "LOLCats"where the captions are deliberately misspelled or using bad grammar to indicate that the animal in the image is speaking. This became known as "leetspeak," which is short for "elite speak." Leetspeak began in gaming websites and it was simply typos, but this form of communication caught on and it is prevalent in chat groups and on social media websites as well as memes.

    While the original memes were mostly funny combinations of animals and captions, the genre of memes has expanded to include all kind of subjects. Most of the popular ones are still humorous, but many include other subjects that are far more serious including political and historical memes. 

    And of course behind the cats, came other animals including birds. You will find all kinds of memes that include birds. These are some of the best that I either found or were submitted to me by people who have pet birds. 

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    Headed For Great Heights!

    Get it?.

    Many birds have very high aspirations. No doubt this guy is no different.  

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    When We All Worry A Bit Too Much:

    Care instructions for parrots
    Getting a bit worried about being away from your birds?.

    We always worry about how our birds are when we are gone. And yes, we have been known to go a bit overboard in the "helpful tips" department when leaving care instructions to those wonderful people who watch our birds for us while we're away.  

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    This Guy Means Business!

    crow with knife
    This is one bad dude!. Meme King

    Yes, in some neighborhoods the birds have to fight fire with fire. This guy obviously intends on not taking any flack from anyone! 

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    Heads up! This Guy Is Speaking!

    parrot meme
    You'd better listen!.

    Noah's Ark is a wonderful non-profit organization that provides sanctuary as well as adopting animals out. According to their website: "Noah’s Ark is a nonprofit organization that provides care and treatment for more than 1,500 animals, including exotic, wildlife and domestic animals. Noah’s Ark provides habitats that have the animals’ best interests in mind and that mimic their natural environments. Noah’s Ark promotes humane, responsible and informed animal treatment and ownership." This is a meme they created and it speaks volumes!

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    Fuzz Fear Is Something We need To Contend With!

    Fear the fuzzy
    I Always Fear The Fuzzy!.

    This is such a classic meme. It's timeless. 

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    African Grey Doing The "Superior Dance"

    That african grey is feeling all superior!.

    Once again, Noah's Ark  strikes again with this wonderful meme. They do such good work for animals. You'll find great information about Noah's Ark at their website, You simply have to love African Greys!

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    Owls Need Coffee!

    coffee owls
    Everyone needs Coffee.

     Well, these owls have been up all night. And yet they all have their own preferences in what they choose to drink. Of course milage may vary...

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    A Direct Approach Always Works

    shut your beak!
    Well this is a direct approach...

     Yes, being direct all of the time may not be subtle, but it's effective. 

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    The Bird Got The Last Word

    O Lawd!

    So simple. So timeless. And the expression on their faces? It fits the caption perfectly! 

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    Moist Owlet! I Laughed Out Loud!

    moist owlet
    Take this one along on trips for quick cleanups.

     Yes, I laughed out loud. I'd never seen this one before. Owls are amazing birds, but they don't make very good pet birds.

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    I'm Just Dancing On The Beach.

    dancing penguin
    I just couldn't resist!.

    I could not resist a penguin here. This one is having fun! 

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    Parrots Apparently Like To Pretend.

    cockatoo on phone
    Hello? Is this thing on?. Photo courtesy of Katrina Webster

    My friend Katrina created this meme. I think it's wonderful! Cockatoos have their moments. This is one of them.  

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    Angry Birds Just Got Real

    angry birds
    Fiction becomes reality...

    Angry birds in real life! You have to love how this looks. 

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    Felix Takes A Stand

    Felix Is adorable!. Photo Courtesy of Flockcall

    Kathy LaFollett of the website Flock Call is making inroads in educating  people about companion birds. Her work is extraordinary. She designs memes to explain the day-to-day life of living with birds. Kathy had this so say about this meme: "All Felix episodes are based on the day's happenings sooner or later. That particular day Felix was intent on being in my company every single second, but had absolutely no interest in participating in anything I was doing. I offered a shared breakfast, declined. I offered my shoulder, declined. I offered a whistle contest, declined. So yes, It all "sounded" great. In the end, he just wanted to ride around with me on his tent/tree stand."  Sounds like a typical Grey some days! 

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    There Are Days Like This

    Macaw makes a mess
    You know there will always be days like this!.

    Give them a minute and they'll find a way to just make things explode! And yes, sometimes this is what it's like to live with a rambunctious macaw. Maybe a few more toys in his cage might reduce the amount of rubble.