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Thomas R. Reich PhD

Welcome to where you can learn all you need to know about keeping, breeding and raising healthy Tropical and other Fresh Water Fish!

This is your headquarters for knowledge on tropical fish and their successful life in an aquarium or controlled pond. Whether you are starting your first fish tank or need detailed information on the breeding habits of specific species, this is your library and knowledge source.  Dr. Thomas R. Reich is a PhD Ichthyologist with over 50 years of fish keeping experience. He is one of the world’s most experienced experts in the field of fresh water aquarium fish. If you don’t see the answer you need, send Dr. Reich a question in the comments section and he will be happy to help! 


Dr. Reich grew up in the world of tropical fish, fascinated by all things involved in the hobby.  By the time he was 12 he and his father had built a laboratory in the basement with over 50 tanks, a central filtration system, and young Tom was breeding and rearing countless varieties of freshwater fish.

At 15 Dr. Reich met and developed a raptor with the aquarium expert many consider the father of the tropical fish hobby in America, Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod.  Tom was exposed to a level of expertise that is yet to be exceeded in the hobby. With the guidance of Dr. Axelrod, became Vice President of the nation’s premier Tropical Fish Association at the age of 16.  Dr. Axelrod, the publisher of TFH publications and Tropical Fish Hobbiest Magazine, encouraged young Tom Reich to write a book from the beginners prospective of the Tropical Fish Hobby.  It was to be a book on not only starting but maintaining a first fish aquarium.  The resulting book “All You Need to Know about Tropical Fish Keeping” published when Tom was just 17.

Over the years, Dr. Reich has published many books on Tropical Fish, their care and breeding including “How to Breed Live-Bearing Aquarium Fish” and “Egg-Laying Fish, Care and Breeding."  Dr. Reich also scripted, coordinated and produced the TV documentary “The Wonderful World of Fish Keeping”, and produced the very first commercial DVD of its kind “Tropical Fish Aquarium.”


Dr. Reich’s education within the tropical fish hobby began at the age of 7, with an enthusiastic hobbyist father that encouraged him every step of the way. By12 he had his own experimental tropical fish “Laboratory” and was carrying out cutting edge breeding experiments.  At 15 he was lucky enough to become associated with Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod, the father of the Aquarium hobby in America.

Though his undergraduate and graduate work was in Economics and Marketing, he excelled in Biology and never stopped experimenting, writing, teaching and speaking on the hobby. Realizing his true love of the topic, he achieved a PHD in Ichthyology and began the ever popular Aquarium Fish Advisor website, regarded as an information source for the tropical fish hobby worldwide, and a place that has hundreds of pages of good proven information. 

Thomas Reich

“I promise to bring you the best information on all things about tropical and fresh water fish. Whether you are starting your first aquarium, or building a backyard pond, you can find the answers here.  My goal is to provide good honest recommendations from an expert that legitimately loves this hobby of “Fresh Water Tropical Fish Keeping.” If you don’t see the topic you want answers on, request an article and I will get right on it.  If you have a specific question, ask in the comments section and I will get you a direct answer, possibly publish it if the question is a new one!  I look forward to building relationships with those who want to keep tropical and fresh water fish, and enjoy the world’s greatest hobby!" 

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