The 4 Best Aquarium Power Timers and Centers of 2020

Fish in an aquarium.

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Aquarium power centers and timers are essential for efficiently controlling tank lights, pumps, and other electrical devices in a saltwater aquarium.

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    Coralife Power Center

    Coralife Power Center

    The Coralife Power Center combines 24-hour timer(s) and an eight-outlet indoor power strip for a seamless transition from dawn to dusk lighting conditions.

    The single has four timer-controlled (two daytime and two nighttime) and four constant-power outlets while the Dual has seven timer-controlled (three daytime, two actinic, and two lunar lights), and one constant-power outlet to sequence daylight, actinic, and lunar lights for the ultimate reef lighting system.

    The Single Digital Power Center has four constant-power outlets and four alternating timer-controlled outlets (two daytime and two nighttime). The enhanced digital feature allows the alternating timer to set the day-night cycle at different times of the day at different days of the week.

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    Current USA Automatic Dual Outlet Timer

    Current USA Automatic Dual Outlet Timer


    The Current USA Automatic Dual Outlet Timer has a splash-resistant cover to protect the timers and your three-prong plugs from getting wet.

    A master on/off switch allows easy control and the front interval dial can be set to a minimum of 15-minute intervals. UL Listed.

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    Kill a Watt PS

    Kill a Watt PS

    Determine and replace energy-abusing aquarium equipment. Plug up to eight electrical devices into this smart power strip to monitor electricity use. The built-in surge protection keeps equipment safe while the large backlit LCD shows operating cost. Use Kill A Watt PS to forecast daily, weekly, monthly, or even yearly electrical expenses. It's 12 3/4 x 3 x 2 1/2 inches high.

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    Zoo Med Laboratories Aquasun Controller

    Aquasun Aquarium Controller


    Zoo Med Laboratories Aquasun Controller does double duty as a grounded, eight-outlet power strip or programmable timer. The convenient Timer Bypass Switch allows simple manual control.

    Choose power strip mode (all eight outlets receive continuous power) or timer mode. There is a total of four-timer controlled and four continuous power outlets to suit your aquarium needs.

    Use with aquarium light fixtures to customize 24-hour day and night light cycle for your fish. An easy-to-set analog timer features grounded outlets, a safety reset button, and a three-prong plug for operational safety.

    The Zoo Med Laboratories Aquasun Controller is UL-Listed and is rated for 15 amps/1,000 watts.