Top 9 Aquarium Power Filters

Best Power Filters for Filterting Saltwater Aquariums

Power filters are among the most popular filters used in aquariums, today. Here are the top aquarium power filters recommended as being some of the most efficient and best aquarium power filters to choose for saltwater aquariums as well as freshwater systems.

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    Aqueon Power Aquarium Filters

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    One of the first in designing this new kind of revolutionary power aquarium filter, the best feature of Aqueon Filters (previously All-Glass Aquariums brand) is the internal, submerged in water pump, which makes the aquarium filter self-priming! That's right. This unit starts automatically after cleaning or when power interruptions occur! Combining this top feature with high GPH water turn over flow rates, silent and no leaks operation, ease of cartridge changes, and four stage mechanical, chemical, biological and wet/dry filtration make an Aqueon an excellent choice. Filter Model/Up to Aquarium Size/Flow Rate: 10/10/100 GPH, 20/20/125 GPH, 30/30/200 GPH, 55/55/325 GPH.

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    Bio System Power Filter & Oxy Surface Skimmer

    Bio System Power Filter
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    Manufactured for Drs. Foster & Smith, the Bio System Power Filter & Oxy Surface Skimmer is a new concept in power filter design. A built-in skimmer adjusts to aquarium water level for effective removal of oily, organic film and scum from the surface. The three-level intake system extracts water from the surface, middle, and bottom for complete ​aquarium filtration. Includes 2 filter cartridges for efficient, mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration. Designed for use in freshwater or saltwater aquariums. 5 sizes (15, 25, 35, 55 and 75-gallon aquariums) to choose from.

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    Fluval C-Series Power Filters

    Fluval C4 Power Filter
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    Fluval C-Series Power Filters are the only 5-stage aquarium power filter on the market today. These multi-stage filters contain two mechanical filtration stages, a customizable chemical filtration stage, and a dual biological filtration system. A cleaning indicator indicates when the mechanical filtration requires rinsing. Available in 3 sizes for aquariums up to 70 gallons.

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    Hagen AquaClear Power Aquarium Filters

    Hagen AquaClear Power Filter
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    Hagen AquaClear power aquarium filters are designed to prevent water by-pass around the filter media, thus maximizing filtration efficiency. Although not a self-priming filter, the patented flow control device, high GPH rate, and complete 3-stage filtration features make it one of our top picks. But, the best feature we like is the open and non-restrictive, large capacity media chamber of these filters. Instead of using the media included, it can be filled with whatever you want. Our top product of choice for turning an AquaClear into an even more efficient wet/dry filter -- HDL Tri-Based Pelletized Carbon.

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    Marineland Emperor Power Aquarium Filter

    MarineLand Emperor Power Filter
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    Emperor Bio-Wheel cleans the aquarium water through mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration mechanisms to remove debris, water impurities, and toxins. Redesigned models feature: Bio-Wheel filtration, refillable coarse media containers, and a hang-on design with a flip-top hinged cover, plus an adjustable intake system that can simultaneously filter water from both the lower and middle levels of the aquarium. Epoxy-sealed, moisture-proof motor ensures safe operation. The 400 filters up to 400 GPH through two BIO-Wheels. It includes two each of the Rite-Size "E" Filter Cartridges and 4-ounce media containers. The 280 filters up to 280 GPH through one BIO-Wheel with one filter cartridge and a 4-ounce coarse media container.

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    Marineland Penguin Power Aquarium Filter

    MarineLand Penguin Filter
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    Eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite on contact. Extra large BIO-Wheels provide biological filtration (10 times more than other power filters). Adjustable intake system draws water from bottom AND mid-level for total water circulation and filtration. Innovative vented-hood reduces noise for quiet operation. Clear two-piece design means unobstructed view and convenient access to easy-change, longer-lasting, Rite-Size mechanical/chemical filter cartridges. Traps more debris and removes more odors, discoloration, and impurities. Models 200 and 350 feature an additional media slot for optional Media Basket(s), to customize your filtration needs.

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    Skilter Filters

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    Skilter Filters are a power filter and protein skimmer all in one unit. Maintenance-free Skilter Filter offers total, efficient filtration for saltwater aquariums. Combines chemical, mechanical, and biological filtration techniques with protein skimming. Makes an ideal primary filter for 10-55 gallon saltwater and mini-reef aquariums. The advanced venturi-type protein skimmer of the Skilter Filter can also be used as a supplementary filtration device for aquariums up to 100 gallons. Skilter Filters hang on the back of the aquarium. The replaceable Bio-Matrix Cartridge comes with one white poly-pad and one black carbon pad.

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    Tetra Whisper EX Series Aquarium Filters

    Tetra Whisper Ex Series
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    Whisper EX Series Filters are Tetra's version of the newest submerged in water pump design aquarium power filter, which best of all are self-starting, high flow rated units. Two other very special features of The Intuitive Filtration System by Tetra is an easy to view and change Timestrip® filter cartridge replacement indicator, and the simple to remove cartridge housed in a unique holder that allows for no-drip, no-touch disposal. In all likelihood this new innovative line of Whisper filters by ​Tetra will eventually replace their older PF series. Filter Model/Up to Aquarium Size/Flow Rate: EX20/20/110 GPH, EX30/30/160 GPH, EX45/45/240 GPH, EX70/70/340.

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    Tetra Whisper Power Filter

    Tetra Whisper
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    Whisper Power Filters provide three types of filtration: Biological, Mechanical, and Chemical. The unique feature of this power filter is its open Bio-Bag filter cartridge. This allows you to use the included Ultra-Activated™ carbon or choose additional media to suit your individual needs. Quiet and dependable filter incorporates easy-to-use, Bio-Bag fiber which traps particulate matter, Ultra-Activated™ carbon that removes dissolved contaminants, and Bio-Foam with a large surface area for biological filtration. A specially designed reservoir prevents back siphoning in the event of a power failure. Flow control knob permits slower flow rates during feeding time to keep food out of your filter. Filters for 20, 30, 40 and 60-​gallon tanks.