The 7 Best Guinea Pig Cages of 2020

Find the right home for your little friend

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Our Top Picks
"This cage features nearly eight square feet of space, and comes with a leakproof canvas bottom."
"For an affordable price, this cage has a floor specifically designed for a guinea pig's sensitive feet."
"A hutch not only gives your guinea pig plenty of room to roam, but it also gives them a private retreat."
"At 8.6 square feet, this jumbo habitat exceeds the recommended size by more than a foot."
"It can be helpful to have a second cage for travel—this model is large and pops up in seconds."
"Two levels (together measuring 15 square feet) give your pets plenty of space to move."
Best Enclosed Sleeping Area:
Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage at Amazon
"This cage is perfect for kids that like to play with your pet, as it has a full front door."

Best Overall: MidWest Homes for Pets Guinea Habitat Plus

Guinea pigs make great pets because they're sociable and quiet animals that respond well to frequent handling. While they do require a good deal of space, there are plenty of retailers that sell cages large enough to accommodate these adorable creatures. In particular, the Guinea Habitat Plus from Midwest Homes for Pets is an ideal home for your guinea pig as it provides more than enough space and it's easy to clean.

It features nearly eight square feet of space, but can be made double the size (great for two!) by purchasing a second one and attaching the two cages. This gives your guinea pig ample room to exercise and explore. Still, the included divider panel is helpful for delegating specific areas for playing and eating. Simply lock it into place as desired and add the lock-in place fabric ramps. Alternately, you can remove the divider entirely to keep the habitat wide open. 

Reviewers give this cage high marks, citing the removable and washable PVC lined canvas bottom as a standout feature. While this isn't the cheapest cage on our list, the quality and durability of this cage make it our top pick for cages.

Best Budget: AmazonBasics Indoor-Outdoor Small Pet Habitat Cage with Canvas Bottom

Keep your furry friend comfortable and safely contained with this affordable, rectangular enclosure. The 7.8-square-foot cage has a sturdy, durable iron wire frame that will keep your guinea pig safely contained, but still provides plenty of room to look out. 

The cage also has a canvas base with a leak-proof design that keeps pet messes and water spills contained. It’s not just convenient for you, though—the floor of the cage is specifically designed for guinea pig’s sensitive feet and provides enough texture to give them good traction. 

Leave the habitat wide open to allow plenty of room to roam and exercise, or use the included divider to separate the space into distinct eating and play areas.

Best Hutch: Freddyl One-Story Small Animal Hutch

A hutch not only gives your guinea pig plenty of room to roam, but it also gives them plenty of room to retreat into their own space when there are lots of loud noises around the house.

This wooden and galvanized metal hutch has a hinged roof with a locking arm that opens from above, making it easy to reach in to play with or care for your pet. Alternatively, it has two doors, both of which have metal latches for security. You’ll love that, despite its intricacies, this hutch is easy to clean. It has a plastic tray that slides right out. 

Most Sizable: AmazonBasics Small Animal Cage Habitat With Accessories

The minimum recommended size for a guinea pig is 7.5 square feet. At 8.6 square feet, this cage exceeds the recommended size by more than a foot. This means you can feel good about the fact that your guinea pig will have plenty of room to frolic, eat, and sleep. 

The jumbo habitat is constructed with an iron wire upper frame and a plastic base. This gives your guinea pig privacy but still provides plenty of open space to observe the room around them. Additionally, it has a balcony with a safe plastic access ramp and a tip-proof food dish. This habitat also comes with two of the essential accessories you’ll need for a guinea pig—a non-drip water bottle and a hay guard. 

A large top and front openings give you easy access to your furry friend but are secure enough to keep them contained.

Best Portable: ToysOpoly Premium Pet Playpen

Many pet owners find it incredibly helpful to have a second cage for their guinea pig for travel or trips to the vet. The most important consideration for a portable habitat is convenience, and this model delivers. This large, spacious habitat pops up in seconds—without any assembly required. It also folds flat when not in use for easy carrying and storing.

Despite the portability, it makes a safe home for your guinea pig. Though made entirely of fabric, the eight-panel tent is made from a durable water-resistant fabric and has strong seams and reinforced corners. Though you’ll likely leave it in place most of the time, the top zippers shut for easy removal during playtime.

Best for Two: The Cagetopia Large C&C Cage with a Wide Loft

Though 7.5 square feet is the minimum for one guinea pig, any habitat with two guinea pigs should be larger—at least 10.5 square feet, to be exact. At almost 15 square feet, this deluxe covered cage habitat greatly exceeds the recommended amount of space. The bottom level boasts 10.5 square feet of continuous space for roaming, but the addition of a second-level adds another 4.5 square feet of room. The reinforced ramp allows for easy access between levels, and it will keep its shape even after months of use.

The cage is safe, too. It has a tall wireframe and a canvas base that is soft and comfortable underfoot, while still providing traction. If you don't love the standard green canvas that it comes with—it's available in an endless array of colors so you can choose the best one for your space. 

Best Enclosed Sleeping Area: Ferplast Krolik Rabbit Cage

At nearly nine square feet, this cage is larger than many others and, comparatively, is well-priced. The entire cage measures nearly 60 inches long and 24 inches wide, so despite the separate living, eating, and sleeping areas, your guinea pig will never feel cramped.

If you have kids that like to play with the guinea pig, this cage is a very convenient choice. It has a full front door that provides quick and easy access to the animal inside. And if your pet is hiding in the hutch, that part of the cage also has a top panel that opens fully. Despite this flexibility, you can rest easy knowing all of the latches are very durable and secure to keep your guinea pig safely contained inside.

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