Top 10 Dog Breeds

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    Labrador Retriever # 1

    Yellow and chocolate labradors (Canis lupus familiaris)
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    Every January, the American Kennel Club publicly releases the previous year's breed registration statistics. For your viewing pleasure, here are the AKC's Top Ten Breeds of 2008. If you don't see your dog here, check out the full list.

    Labrador Retrievers hold the top spot on this list for the 18th consecutive year! The Lab has been considered one of the most popular breeds in the world for some time now. Plus, a very large percentage of shelter dogs are at least Lab mixes, if not purebred Lab.

    If you know Labradors, then you know that these are happy, friendly dogs with sweet, loving personalities. They are also masters of retrieval - just try to keep a Lab from chasing a tennis ball! With a strong history as water dogs and hunter's helpers, Labs are also great competitors in most of today's dog sports. Plus, their intelligence and loyalty make them perfect assistance dogs.

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    Yorkshire Terrier # 2

    Close-Up Of Yorkshire Terrier At Home
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    Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately called “Yorkies” are tiny dogs with huge personalities. This is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world right now - and one of the most stylish. Due to their small size, Yorkies are easily carried around in fashionable handbags and dressed up in little outfits. Don't let their "frou-frou" appearances fool you, though! These little dogs have a fiercely loyal and protective side when it comes to their loved ones. On the other hand, Yorkies can be the most cuddly little love-bugs!

    Yorkshire Terriers have stolen the hearts of million of dog lovers. If you want a very small, energetic dog and don't mind dealing with routine grooming and possible minor health problems, this could be the dog for you.

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    German Shepherd Dog # 3

    Dog On Snow Covered Grass During Winter
    Purple Collar Pet Photography/EyeEm/Getty Images

    The German Shepherd Dog is a classically popular dog breed, and German Shepherd mixes are very common amongst the dogs seen in shelters. Though not all Shepherd mixes take on the personality of the GSD, many of them reflect the great qualities of this noble dog breed.

    The German Shepherd is a highly intelligent, loyal and athletic dog breed. The GSD is utterly devoted to its "job," whether that is guarding a home, acting as playmate and "nanny-dog" to your children, or working as a police officer. Though the GSD might have a reputation as a stern working dog, the breed does have a softer, more playful side.

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    Golden Retriever # 4

    Dog On Snow Covered Grass During Winter
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    How many people can honestly say that they have often met an unhappy Golden Retriever? Even sick neglected or abused Goldens still manage to keep wagging those tails. These lovable and highly loyal dogs bring a smile to the faces of those near them. The Golden Retriever is one of the world's most popular dogs, but this comes as no surprise to those of who love the breed!

    With its excellent temperament, happy demeanor, intelligence, and loyalty, the Golden is a wonderful companion and an ideal service or therapy dog. This breed can also be considered one of the very best types of dogs for kids.

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    Beagle # 5

    High angle view of dog

    The Beagle is an energetic, free-spirited dog with a friendly demeanor. It's no wonder the Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds around - this hound is well-rounded and versatile. Many Beagles can go from couch potato to running partner in seconds! Though still often used in hunting, the Beagle is more commonly known as a lovable family pet - often considered one of the best dogs for kids.

    Perhaps the popularity of the Beagle is related to the well-known Beagles over the years. From the character of Snoopy from the Peanuts cartoon to Uno, the first Beagle to ever win best in show at the Westminster Dog Show in 2008, the Beagle is a memorable breed.

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    Boxer # 6

    Boxer dog portrait
    Ryan Murphy/Moment/Getty Images

    The Boxer is one of the happiest dog breeds around. They can lift the spirits of just about anyone! Boxers are energetic, intelligent, athletic, loyal dogs with sweet and playful temperaments. It is hard to believe that they were historically used for dog fighting. Fortunately, the breed was developed into the lovable, hard working canine we know and love today.

    As well as being ideal companions, Boxers are excellent guard dogs. They are naturally protective of the ones they love and can also be great family dogs with proper training.

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    Dachshund # 7

    Dachshund Sitting On Grassy Field
    Konrád Bálint/EyeEm/Getty Images

    Whether you like them or not, many people agree that Dachshunds are funny-looking dogs. With their short little legs and long bodies, I suppose that is understandable. Tons of people find them irresistible! Have you ever watched a Dachshund run? Enough said. They are also quite affectionate dogs - just look at those sweet eyes!

    Often called Doxies, wiener dogs, hot dogs, or weenies, these hound dogs originated in Germany as skilled hunters. Though the breed still possesses the skills to work and hunt, the Dachshunds are better know today as one of the world's most popular dog breeds. Most Dachshunds I have known have a bit of a rebellious streak, but I think that makes them even cuter - just remember the importance of proper training!

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    Bulldog # 8

    Close-Up Of english bulldog Puppy Lying Down On Gravel
    Carol Yepes/Moment/Getty Images

    The English Bulldog is more than meets the eye. Some people might look at them and think they are rough and tough. Tragically, Bulldogs were once bred exclusively for bull baiting and dog fighting. Today's English Bulldog is nothing like its fierce ancestors. This lovable, wrinkly dog breed is typically easygoing, loyal and even a bit goofy. Despite its reputation for multiple potential health problems, the Bulldog makes a wonderful companion.

    If you are a Bulldog owner, then I'm sure you are more than familiar with the great qualities of this breed - perhaps so much that you don't mind the snorting, snoring and slobbery kisses! In 2007, the Bulldog made the AKC Top Ten most popular dog breeds list for the first time since 1935.

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    Poodle # 9

    Low Angle View Of Poodle On Pier By Lake Against Cloudy Sky
    Carol Howell/EyeEm/Getty Images

    If you don't know Poodles, you might think they are snooty, prissy dogs. After all, they were once the companions of French nobles. Plus, many of them have the signature Poodle haircut - that's not exactly ordinary. However, there's more to the popular Poodle than meets the eye.

    Poodles were historically bred as hunters and water dogs. The "fancy" haircut was developed to protect the joints from cold water while working. Poodle are quite intelligent dogs, making them very responsive to training. Many think of Poodles as "circus dogs" - they are often used in entertainment and performance. The truth is, Poodles are wonderful, loyal companions that are suitable for all kinds of households.

    Poodles come in three sizes: Standard, Miniature, and Toy. This feature surely adds to their popularity.

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    Shih Tzu

    Portrait Of Shih Tzu Resting On Floor
    Luiz Claudio Dutra Martins Fernandes Boechat/EyeEm/Getty Images

    The Shih Tzu is a feisty but sweet little lap dog with an assertive personality. Its coat is typically long and luxurious, but can also be trimmed short.

    The Shih Tzu is of Asian descent, where it was once known to be a household pet to the Ming Dynasty. This noble history probably contributes to its bold, confident attitude. The breed is sometimes called the "chrysanthemum dog" because of the hair growth pattern on its face. Many people think the Shih Tzu looks like an adorable little gremlin - maybe that's why one of the most common names for the Shih Tzu is Gizmo!