5 Ferret Toys Your Critter Will Love

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Ferrets will never cease to entertain you with their antics. Providing a variety of stimulating and safe ferret toys is a great way to keep your ferret entertained and happy. Ferrets will play with almost anything, but when selecting toys for ferrets, it is important to pick toys that are durable and won't pose a safety hazard to your pet.

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    Marshall Super Thru-Way

    Ferret in packing peanuts

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    Most ferrets love tunnels, and this is an extreme tunnel that is sure to provide lots of entertainment. This very flexible vinyl tunnel stretches to 20 feet and is clear so you can watch the fun. Use with supervision to make sure the ferrets are not chewing on the vinyl.

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    Kong Ferret Toy

    Dog owners may be familiar with the Kong, and now there is one designed for ferrets. It is a very sturdy hollow rubber toy. It bounces and moves in unpredictable ways, and can be stuffed with your ferret's favorite treat to become a good distraction tool.

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    Super Pet Crinkle Tunnel

    Ferrets love tunnels and this crinkle tunnel has the advantage of making irresistible noises when your ferret runs through it. This toy is about 2 feet long with a peek-a-boo hole in the middle.

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    Marshall Pet Octo-Play

    This toy is cute and offers dual function as a cozy sleeping spot and a multi-tunnel toy. Made of soft fleece, the body of the octopus is a great hiding hole, while each of the 5 foot-long arms are great for tunneling through, hiding in, and playing Peek-a-boo from as there is a hole halfway down each arm as well as at the end.

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    Marshall Sport Balls

    Miniature versions of football, baseball, soccer, or tennis balls come two to a pack—unfortunately, you can't choose specific balls. These cute balls have soft fleece exteriors and bells inside, so are easy to carry and fun to play with.