Medium-Sized Parrot Species to Keep as Pets

Deciding to adopt a parrot of any kind is a big deal huge decision—and while many people might dream of owning a large macaw or a gigantic Black Palm Cockatoo, the reality of most situations is that most bird lovers don't have the time, space, and resources to properly care for such large and complex species. The good news is, there are still plenty of parrots out there that make excellent pets and pack all the personality and fun of a larger species into a slightly smaller and easier to care for package. Check out this list of popular medium sized parrot species to get acquainted with what's available as far as mid-sized parrots go. You never know, you may run across a species that would be an excellent fit for your family and situation!

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    Pet Cockatiel
    Tom Stewart / Getty Images

    One of the most popular and easy to come by pet birds to date is the lovely Cockatiel and there are many reasons why. Cockatiels make wonderfully loving and affectionate pets when hand raised, and are highly intelligent birds that can be taught to do many tricks. Although most Cockatiels don't talk, they can be taught to mimic other types of sounds such as whistles, doorbells, and telephone rings. While they are a parrot in every facet of the word, they tend to not be quite as loud as some other parrot species, leading them to be a better choice for those who are unsure if they can handle a screaming parrot at 6:00 am in the morning, for example. Don't be fooled, however—Cockatiels do have quite strong voices, and they know how to use them!

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    Sun Parakeet Perching on Fingers
    Corbis/VCG / Getty Images

    There are many types of Conures that are commonly kept as pets, with one of the most popular being the beautiful and colorful Sun Conure. Conures typically reach lengths of 10 to 15 inches from beak to tail, so make great mid-sized parrots for those who crave the whole parrot experience without having to care for one of the larger species. One thing about the Conures is that they are known for being particularly loud, so they are not a bird that one would likely want to keep if you live in an apartment or condominium. However, they are very intelligent, can be taught to say a few words, and love spending time with their owners when they are hand-raised and properly tamed.

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    Quaker Parrots

    Quaker parrot

     cuatrok77 / Flickr / CC By 2.0

    Quaker Parrots are another medium-sized parrot species that make great pets for those who want the fun of a large parrot without all the hassle of the big size. At around 12 inches in length, these little guys have a great classic parrot look while being able to be housed in a reasonably sized cage. Like other types of mid-sized parrots, they can get quite loud, so take care if you live in close proximity to neighbors who might not appreciate their vocalizations. Quaker Parrots are also illegal to keep as pets in some states, so it is best to check your local laws before deciding whether or not you want to adopt one.

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    Asiatic Parakeets

    Indian Ringneck Parakeet
    Leandro Vettorazzi Gabrieli / Getty Images

    Most people are not familiar with the term "Asiatic Parakeets," but many bird lovers are familiar with the birds that fall into this category, including Indian Ringneck Parakeets. These medium-sized parrots are capable of great speech, learning tricks, and more. For many people, Asiatic Parakeets make excellent companions that fit exactly what they are looking for in terms of a feathered friend.