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Ranging from groupings of 1 to 15 gallons to 200-plus gallons in size, this photo gallery index is designed to provide you easy access to all of the Top Reef Tank Photos Galleries. These galleries contain lots of top reef aquarium pictures, most of which were submitted by site visitors.

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    1 to 15 Gallon Reef Tank Pictures


    Grzegorz Choiński / E+ / Getty Images

    Not that many years ago, little mini reef tanks complete with corals were typically considered extremely difficult to maintain.

    Not so anymore. With the advances in reef keeping science, it has become possible for even novices to have successful nano/mini or micro reef tanks such as the ones pictured in this gallery. It's amazing as well that many of these mini reefs were converted from fish-only tanks to stunning little reef systems by utilizing powerful mini reef tank lighting retrofit kits.

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    16 to 30 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    gallon aquariums
    A. Miralles

    These put-almost-anywhere aquariums are fairly inexpensive to equip and maintain but are still large enough to house a nice selection of corals, invertebrates, and fish. Some of the new, reasonably priced power filters work well with these marine tanks as do some of the smaller multi-stage canister filters.

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    31 to 50 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    reef tanks
    Robin Young

    As you will see, there are several bow front and hexagon aquarium shapes available in this tank size range.

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    51 to 55 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    54g Reef Tank
    Alex Olavarria

    These tanks are among the most popular sizes. Big enough to get really creative with live rock, corals, and fish, these tanks also make great custom DIY aquarium projects.

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    56 to 74 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    gallon reef aquariums
    Dan Wergen

    These reef tanks have a terrific assortment of corals and fish. Most of these tanks make use of metal halide and/or power compact lighting.

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    75 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    Bill Coleman

    Due to their size, many of these tanks will utilize a sump and/or a wet/dry filter system. This allows for more equipment to be housed out of sight, under the tank.

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    76 to 100 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    Kristina Hammer's 76g Reef Tank
    Kristina Hammer

    There are some outstanding tanks here, including a 92g corner bowfront reef tank.

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    101 to 125 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    aquarium with fishes
    Din Ho

    Reef tanks in this size range are definite showpieces in any room. Some aquarists choose to stock these tanks with show size fish.

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    126 to 150 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    large aquarium
    Christopher Lee

    These tanks have some of the most fantastic corals you will ever see. The cabinet work on some of these tanks is truly inspiring.

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    151 to 200 Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    200 gallon aquarium
    Moshe Cohen

    These marine aquariums will dominate almost any room and have plenty of space for enough live rock to give all the fish and invertebrates their own house. The variety and number of corals in these tanks are truly remarkable.

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    200-Plus Gallon Reef Tank Photos

    Curtis Bearden's 300g Reef Tank
    Curtis Bearden

    The 200-plus gallon marine aquariums are the monsters you can almost swim in. There is plenty of room for all kinds of corals, fish, and invertebrates. Most of us can only dream of these tanks. Take a look at the tanks that made dreams come true.