Top 6 Saltwater Aquarium Metal Halide Fixtures

Metal Halide lights have rapidly become the fixture of choice for many SW reefers. Their relatively small size for the amount of light provided has made these fixtures very popular. Many of these new fixtures are well designed, add a stylish look to any aquarium and even include Lunar Lights.

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    Aqualight Pro HQI/Compact Fluorescent/Lunar Light Fixture

    Aqualight Pro HQI
    Aqualight Pro HQI. Courtesy of

    This space-saving unit performs the job of three different fixtures. It combines a 10000°K HQI double ended metal halide, an actinic blue compact fluorescent, and a 1-watt Lunar Blue-Moon-Glow LED lamps in a black anodized aluminum housing. It features an external remote magnetic HQI ballast and internal compact fluorescent electronic ballast(s) with independent on/off switches for 24 hour day and night lighting conditions.

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    AquaticLife HID/T-5

    AquaticLife HID/T-5 Lights.

    The AquaticLife HID Light Fixtures replace traditional metal halide lamps with single-ended G12-base HID lamps. The adjustable vertical lamp position and reflector design contain and direct light like a spotlight.

    Open-air design, cool-running internal electronic ballasts, and heat-dissipating aluminum housing work in concert to solve excess heat issues associated with metal halide fixtures without the use of fans. The built-in digital timer allows independent, programmable control of HID Lamp(s), T-5 HO Fluorescent Lamps and Lunar LEDs. Single 3-meter power cord. Includes adjustable width Aquarium Frame Mounts and Suspension Hardware for multiple lighting options. 15.4 x 6.2 inches high.

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    AquaticLife Swing Arm HID Metal Halide Light

    AquaticLife Swing Arm HID Metal Halide Light. Photo by PriceGrabber

    The AquaticLife Swing Arm HID Light Fixture employs a 10,000°K, 150W single end metal halide lamp (G12 base HID) for intense illumination. Swing arm boasts multiple pivot points for 90-degree vertical AND 180-degree horizontal adjustments. Usable light output is enhanced by a specially-angled, reflector that directs light into the aquarium. The swing Arm HID Light Fixture easily mounts to most aquarium frames or can be wall-mounted beside the aquarium with the optional Wall Mount Kit. The light measures 8.9" x 9.7" x 3.5" high and comes with a 2-meter power cord.

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    Ocean Light HQI Metal Halide Pendant Lights

    Ocean Light Metal Halide
    Ocean Light Metal Halide. PriceGrabber

    This hanging HQI metal halide fixture is 2-1/2" high in an anodized aluminum housing, glass UV lens, high-quality reflector, external remote ballast with fan, and steel wire hanging suspension system kit to mount the lighting system from the ceiling. 10000°K HQI double-ended bulb included. 9-3/4" x 9-1/2" x 2-1/2" high. Magnetic ballast.

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    ReefStar HQI Metal Halide

    ReefStar HQI Metal Halide. Photo by PriceGrabber

    The ReefStar metal halide fixture has a non-corrosive, low profile hood (3-1/2" high) which is designed to hang above the aquarium, creating lighting conditions for reef aquariums. The hammertone reflector maximizes light output and reduces light loss, directing more light evenly throughout the aquarium. The ReefStar features protective tempered glass lens and remote HQI ballast with quick disconnect for easy installation. Includes hanging wires and double-ended metal halide HQI bulb.

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    SunPod HQI Metal Halide Fixtures With Lunar Lights

    SunPod Metal Halide
    SunPod Metal Halide. PriceGrabber

    These metal halide units work for even the smallest aquariums. Mount on your aquarium, above a glass canopy, or use as pendant light for custom lighting options. Compact fixtures house independently controlled 14000°K HQI double ended lamp(s) and LED Lunar Lights to simulate 24-hour day and night light cycle. Features hammer tone reflector, powerful cooling fans, and internal electronic ballast for efficient operation. 8-1/4" x 4-1/2" high.