Top Stocking Stuffers For Horse Lovers

Ask a horse lover what they’d like to find stuffed in their Christmas stocking and they’ll probably say ‘a horse’. But horses, and even ponies are too big to stuff in a stocking! So here are some small stocking stuffer ideas that any horse lover will find useful all year round.

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    A name plate.
    A a name plate. Image Credit:/Getty Images
    Brass nameplates are a great way to personalize halters, bridles or saddles. Have the nameplate engraved with the horse’s or owner’s name, or phone number. Brass plates look nice on leather equipment while plastic is durable for everyday use on web halters. Small plates look nice on the crown of bridles or the cantle of a saddle. Larger plates are great for identification on halters.
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    This is my favorite ‘dry cleaning’ product for winter grooming. Miracle Groom helps remove stubborn dirt and manure stains, brings a nice shine to the horses’s or pony’s hair coat and helps detangle manes and tails. Helps whites stay white. It’s nicely scented, easy to apply and a little goes a long way.
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    Lined Riding Gloves

    protective biker gloves on a motorcycle wheel
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    Lined gloves are just the thing to keep fingers toasty for winter riding. They also help provide extra grip on the reins. Leather gloves have a nice feel and are very durable. Fabric or knit gloves are comfortable and washable for everyday riding and stable work. Choose a glove that closes or has a cuff at the wrist for extra warmth with no gaping at the coat sleeves.
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    Hoof Picks

    The Illuminated Hoof Pick
    The Illuminated Hoof Pick. Image: 2011 K. Blocksdorf
    Hoof picks seem to disappear like pens and stray socks. It’s nice to have one hanging on a hook near a horse’s stall, in a grooming kit, hung by a snap to a saddle D-ring, and by the pasture gate. Drop a couple in your horse lover’s Christmas stocking so they’ll always have one handy.
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    Horse being weighed with a weighband
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    These are great for settling arguments about height and calculating weight for de-wormers and medications, and buying horse blankets. They’re another thing that goes missing easily, so any horse lover would appreciate one to tuck in their tack box.

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    settings Portrait of a young man with horse
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    Every one likes to treat their favorite horse occasionally. Stud Muffins come attractively packaged and my own horses love them. A box of sugar cubes is easy and inexpensive or make the gift special by making your own.

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    Grooming Tools

    horse grooming equipment
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    You can never have too many brushes and combs. Plastic mane comes are gentle on the hairs of the mane and tail. A curry comb or shedding blade will remind your horse lover that spring will come, and their horse will shed out its thick winter coat. Body brushes and finishing brushes pull out natural oils and help keep the horse’s coat shinned and healthy.

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    Cordless Clippers

    Cordless electric razor
    Small cordless clippers are wonderful for quick trimming of whiskers and bridle paths. They can be kept in a grooming kit at home for everyday maintenance or tucked into a tack box for quick touch ups at horse shows. They’re quiet and easy to use.
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    Two Horse Looking Out Over Wooden Stable Doors
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    Help your horse lover keep track of horse expenses, services, health and competition records. Keeping records is easy with software designed just for horse owners. Horsetrak has been a leading horse management software system for over 10 years.
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    Flicka Google Images

    Help your horse lover get through the cold ride-less days of winter with a good movie. Whether it’s a classic movie like My Friend Flicka (Compare Prices) or an educational DVD like Clinton Anderson's Downunder Horsemanship there are lots to choose from.