Top 5 Trainable Bird Species as Pets

So, you have decided that you want a bird. Excellent! You don't want just any bird, though―you want a bird that is intelligent, engaging, and trainable. You want a bird that you can teach to do tricks! Well, there is good news: all birds highly intelligent and they can all be taught tricks, so you really can't go wrong. There are a few species, however, that seem to particularly enjoy trick training and performing fun commands. These birds are real hams in general, and they love an audience, which makes them even better suited for learning fun tricks. Explore the information on these captivating parrots below to learn more about what makes them such trainable birds.

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    Scarlet Macaw

    Amanda Yong / Getty Images

    Macaws are some of the largest, most colorful, and most popular parrots around―but it takes a special type of person to be a suitable owner for one of these magnificent birds. They have comical personalities, yet can be very affectionate, and they get incredibly attached to their owners. Because they can live for nearly 100 years with proper care, it's an understatement to say that owning a Macaw involves a bit of a long-term time commitment. It's important for people that own Macaws to be able to spend several hours each day directly interacting with their birds so that they can thrive as happy, loving pets.

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    African Grey Parrots

    Close-up of African Grey

    Liv Oom / Getty Images

    The African Grey Parrots are often cited as some of the most intelligent birds on Earth. It's true―these incredible parrots have surprised everyone from casual bird owners to university researchers with their remarkable memories and emotional capacities. Because of this, anyone who adopts an African Grey needs to be certain that they will be able to spend ample time socializing with their pet each day, for many, many years. They can easily live to exceed 50, so once again, taking on a bird like this is not something that should be done without careful consideration.

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    Amazon Parrots

    Two Amazon parrots

    Tambako the Jaguar / Getty Images

    The beautiful and entertaining Amazon Parrots have been hailed by many bird experts to be some of the best talkers. They can develop exceptionally large vocabularies, and seem to have more clarity in their speech than many other species. Lovable and sociable, they demand a lot of attention from their owners, so be sure that you have a lot of spare time on your hands if you want to own one of these birds. Amazons come in a variety of types, so if you are interested in them as a whole it would be advisable to do additional research on different Amazon species.

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    Tame cockatoo on a man with leather jacket
    Tomekbudujedomek / Getty Images

    Cockatoos are sweet, loving, and highly intelligent parrots that hail from Australia. There are many varieties of Cockatoos, each with their own special traits and characteristics, however, almost all of them share the same affectionate nature. These birds form extremely strong bonds with their owners and can suffer intense emotional distress if they begin to feel neglected, so adopting one is not to be taken lightly. However, if you are one of the special people who's a good fit for a Cockatoo, you will find yourself with an impressive companion bird who learns readily and can be a joy to train.

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    Girl with budgerigar
    imagenavi / Getty Images

    Budgerigars, or Budgies as they are known by those who love them, pack a ton of intelligence, train-ability, and personality into a tiny package. Perhaps this is why they have consistently been among the most popular pet birds for decades! Not only can Budgies learn to talk as well as larger parrots, but they can also be trained to do a number of fun tricks that never fail to impress. While they do require a long-term commitment from their owners, many people find keeping Budgies rewarding as they are not as loud and do not require as much space as larger parrot species.