How to Train Your Dog to Stand Up Without Moving

Boston Terrier dog standing near pink rhododendron
Tereza Jancikova / Getty Images

Training your dog? Stand is a command used to tell your dog to stand up without moving. It is handy for when you need your dog to stand up to be examined or groomed, or if you are planning on doing advanced obedience. This is a fairly simple command to teach. Here's how:

What You Will Need

All you need to teach your dog to stand is a handful of treats and a clicker if you are using clicker training. It may also be helpful to first teach your dog the sit or down command.

Training the Stand

Start off with your dog either sitting or lying down in front of you. Hold a treat right in front of his nose, and give him the command "stand." Very slowly pull the treat straight out from his nose. Your dog should stand up to follow the treat. The moment he is standing, praise him or click your clicker, and give him the treat. If you are having trouble getting him to stand up, you can entice him further by encouraging him in an excited voice or shaking a toy in front of him.

The first several times you practice the stand command, you should praise and treat any time your dog stands up, even if he moves a little bit. Once he has the hang of it, you can begin selecting the stands in which he stands up directly without moving from his spot. Only give him the praise or click and the treat when he stands up without moving in any direction. You should be able to perfect the stand command in several short training sessions.