Types of Talking Birds

When you think about pet birds, what is one defining trait about them that comes to mind? If it's the fact that some of them can learn to talk, then you are like many people. Birds have many attractive qualities, but their ability to repeat human speech is one that makes them truly unique among other types of companion pets and one that has ensured their popularity for many years.

Explore some of the most popular talking bird species below, and learn more about what these impressive birds can offer those who decide to adopt them. You will find that their talent for mimicry pales in comparison to their ability to be charming, engaging, and truly remarkable pets.

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    Budgies (Parakeets)

    Budgerigar In Cage

    Albert Jimenez Jr. / Getty Images

    It comes as a surprise to many, but the tiny budgies (also known as budgerigars or simply as parakeets) can actually talk as well if not better than some larger parrot species. Some budgies have even been known to develop vocabularies of hundreds of words.

    They have gruff little voices, so it can sometimes be hard to decipher what exactly they are trying to say. But those who keep and care for them often find that their little birds become quite the chatterboxes in time. Just like any type of bird, not all budgies will learn to talk, so please don't adopt one solely on the basis of wanting a talking bird—and that goes for all species.

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    Amazon Parrots

    Amazon Parrot Eating Nut
    Francis Apesteguy / Getty Images

    Another bird species that is known for exceptional speaking abilities are the beautiful and captivating Amazon parrots. These birds are not only renowned for building large, impressive vocabularies, but for their exceptional clarity, which some report to rival all other types of parrots. In addition to talking, Amazon parrots are great at learning tricks, making them a very entertaining bird for those who want a pet that they can interact with often.

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    Quaker Parrots

    Two Quaker Parrots
    Bo Chambers / Getty Images

    The adorable Quaker parrots, also known as monk parakeets, have long been prized for their talking talents and charming personalities. Quakers are able to build quite large vocabularies, and some Quaker owners swear that their birds are even able to use the words that they know in context. While this hasn't been proven, what is known is that these birds are extremely intelligent and that they bond strongly to their owners.

    Quaker parrots are a good choice for people who want all the fun of a larger parrot in a more compact package. They have big personalities, and that's part of what makes them so beloved in the eyes of their owners.

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    Indian Ringneck Parakeets

    Indian Ringneck Parrot
    Neha Gupta / Getty Images

    Hailing from India and Asia, the charming Indian ringneck parakeets have been kept as pets for centuries—at first being reserved for royalty only, specifically because of their incredible speaking abilities. Years ago, monks observed these birds in the gardens where they said their daily prayers and saw that the birds eventually began to repeat the prayers that they were hearing every day. This led to the belief that the birds were holy or divine, which was why only royalty was allowed to keep them as pets.

    All these years later, the thought that these birds are holy has faded away, but anyone who has ever owned one will tell you that their affectionate and loving personalities make them very special birds indeed.

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    African Grey Parrots

    Close-Up Of African Grey Parrot Perching On Pipe By Plants

    Guo Ya Hui / Getty Images

    Over the past several years, the African grey parrots have seen a rise in popularity as pets, largely due to studies that have given us greater insight into the extreme intelligence of these birds. They are excellent talkers and most learn to pick up words quite readily and speak them with great clarity. There are even rumors of people who have been fooled into thinking that they were talking to a family member in another room, only to find that it was their pet African grey mimicking another person's voice.

    These captivating birds are no doubt fascinating, but they require a lot of specialized care—so bringing one home is not something to be taken lightly.