The Pros and Cons of Using a Wall Fish Bowl

Fish bowl wall mount

Photo from Amazon 

The photos of colorful fish in a bowl on the wall are enticing, but after test driving one, this bowl is not an ideal home for live fish. It lacks a means for heat and light as well as a way to filter the water. In addition, it doesn't have a lid to prevent the fish from jumping out. With frequent water changes and proper location, it can be used to house one small fish, but I don't recommend it.

  • Attractive wall display

  • Space saving, easy to mount

  • Can be placed out of children's reach

  • No lid

  • Cannot be heated

  • Suitable only for small fish

  • No filter; not easy to maintain water quality

Size and Construction

The product itself is well constructed of clear, sturdy acrylic. It mounts flat against the wall quite easily using the fasteners included. The outside surfaces clean easily, and the overall look is quite attractive.

Some standard features of the wall fish bowl include:

  • Unbreakable lightweight acrylic.
  • Approximately one foot across and five inches deep.
  • Mounts flat against the wall with fasteners included.
  • Can be filled with water for fish or potting soil for plants.

At only a foot across, the small size precludes using a filter. In the absence of filtration, water changes every few days are necessary to maintain high water quality. Fewer water changes may not kill the fish in the short term, but the fish are not likely to have a normal lifespan.

The top of the bowl is open, making it unsuitable for fish that are prone to jumping. Feeding the fish and adding water is quite easy, but cleaning the bowl is a bit more challenging due to the small opening.

Fish suitable for a wall bowl that doesn't need a heater or filter include:

  • Betta fish
  • Goldfish (recommended for a 2-gallon model)
  • Guppies (They may need a heater depending on room temperature.)
  • White Clouds

Mounting the Bowl

It's so small that you should be able to put it anywhere, right? Not really. A draft can quickly change the temperature of a small bowl of water. To maintain stable water temperature, you can't mount it near a door, window, heating or cooling vent. Also, you can't put the bowl in a spot that receives direct light, as it will quickly heat the water and invite unwanted algae growth.

Since there is no filtration, the bowl must be mounted with easy access to change the water. Place it too low on the wall, though, and the open top is inviting to pets or small children’s hands.


With proper location, care, and maintenance, it is possible to keep one small fish in this bowl, but it's unadvised. The wall fishbowl is better suited for displaying a live plant or an artistic display of colored sand, pebbles, or marbles.