6 Ways To Celebrate Your Pets on St. Patrick's Day

rabbit in green hat

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With the greenest time of year dawning upon us this week, it’s the perfect time to consider celebrating with your pet in a number of festive ways. Even if no one in your household is Irish, St. Patrick’s Day is a great excuse for your fur friends to be even cuter than they normally are!

If excessive drinking of Irish beer isn’t necessarily your thing, there are some great ways your furry friend can come along with you to take in the occasion. From costumes to parties, here are some ideas (and safety tips) for creating a great time for you and your four-legged friend!

Attend a Pet-Friendly St. Patrick’s Day Parade

dogs at St. Patrick's Day Parade

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Many dogs would love to see the sights of a local parade together, so if any are happening in your area, consider checking it out! Dogs may find it exciting to see all the people and enjoy the spring weather that’s warming up. However, do be cautious of loud noises from the parade and onlookers — similar to the Fourth of July, some dogs may get scared easily. But in general, a parade is a great way for your dog to get some exercise and see new sights and smells. Always speak to your vet before you take your animal into crowded areas and check online to see if this particular event is dog-friendly. 

Dress Your Pet in Green

dog in green bow-tie, St. Patrick's Day

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There are some adorable shamrock hats, beanies, bandanas, beads, headbands and even leprechaun costumes that would look so precious on your pooch or your feline. As long as your cat or dog isn’t pulling on the costume, chewing it, or showing signs of distress, it’s a go ahead to make them look as festive as possible! Please consider these tips on how to dress up your dog safely. 

Buy Them Some Green Toys

dog with green water toy

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St. Patrick’s Day is the perfect excuse to buy a cute leprechaun toy, green catnip plush toy, or green bone for your pet to play with. Stores like Petco even have entire sections just for this holiday for your furry friend to choose from!

Take Photos & Videos for Instagram or Tik Tok

puppy cocker spaniel posing with green hats

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Festive photo shoots for St. Patrick’s Day are definitely in store if you put your pets in St. Patrick's Day getups! Thanks to social media, there are designated hashtags where you can have them accrue a fan following. Instead of pictures with your human friends, the main attraction can end up being your best furry friend!

Keep Them Far Away From Toxins

Shamrock plant


If you do end up hitting a house party with your animal, do be mindful of certain beverages and food, objects, or living things they should not consume. If anyone has a shamrock plant—known as the Oxalis acetosella—this can be toxic to dogs. Review this list of other plants that your dog shouldn't ingest.

Keep your dog away from adult beverages, such as green beer, which can be toxic as well.
Traditional foods, such as Irish soda bread, also have raisins that can cause kidney failure in dogs.

When in doubt, always call your vet or at (888) 426-4435. Reference this sheet so you'll know what to expect when you call.

Give Them Safe, Edible Treats

dog in st patricks costume getting treat

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Dogs should refrain from human treats, so give them some healthier alternatives that are also green-themed! Spinach and parsley dog bones, green apple biscuits, and green smoothies are all great choices. You can find more recipes online, but please make sure they are healthy, safe options and always check with your vet if you're not sure.

Throw a Costume Contest With Other Pet Owners

cat and dog in St. Patricks Day costumes

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If you have an excess of green treats or want everyone to see your St. Paddy’s Day costumes live, consider having a gathering of friends with dogs or cats and bring all the pet friends together. It can be a great time to do all of the above activities with others (as long as your pet is socialized to get along with other animals). This way, there can be multiple treats consumed, multiple cute get-ups to take pictures of, and nice memories made for your pets to all indulge in! 

st patricks day costume

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All in all, as long as no one’s getting pinched too much, it’s a great time for everyone and their furry companions when St. Patrick’s Day rolls around. Consider having some holiday fun this year with your pet as well.