What Fruits Can Guinea Pigs Eat?

Guinea pig eating strawberries from a bowl.
Strawberries are a healthy treat for guinea pigs but should only be offered in moderation.

Getty Images/Alexandra Jursova

Guinea pigs are herbivorous rodents, which means they naturally eat plants. In the wild, guinea pigs eat fresh grasses and other plant material found in their native home of South America but as pets, they primarily eat dried grass hays. Guinea pigs can eat a variety of different fruits, but fruit should not make up more than 2 percent of your guinea pig's diet. Grass hays, leafy green vegetables, and guinea pig pellets fortified with vitamin C should be your guinea pig's daily diet, and fruit should be offered as a healthy treat. Too much fruit can result in digestive issues including ileus, a life threatening problem.

If you want to give your guinea pig some fruit as a treat, start by offering very small amounts. You can slowly offer more fruit over time, but monitor your guinea pig closely to see how their digestive system responds to the new foods. If you notice that your guinea pig starts eating less, is less active, gets watery stools, or has any other changes in behavior, stop giving the fruit and contact your veterinarian.

The following fruits are safe for guinea pigs when you want to offer them a treat.

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    Guinea pig sitting in a pile of whole apples.
    An apple slice can be given to your guinea pig.


    A slice of apple can be offered to your guinea pig as a treat. Some people recommend peeling the apple first to avoid potential stomach issues while others note that the peel has good components that could benefit your cavy. Monitor how your guinea pig reacts to apples and decide from there to leave the skin on or take it off.

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    Guinea pig eating a peeled banana.
    Bananas are safe for guinea pigs to eat.

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    A small piece of peeled, ripened banana makes a soft and sweet treat for a guinea pig.

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    Guinea pig with strawberries
    Strawberries are a popular treat for guinea pigs.

    Getty Images/GrashAlex

    According to botanists, not all of the following fruits are considered to be true berries, but your guinea pig doesn't care how they are classified and will enjoy the following:

    • Blackberries
    • Blueberries
    • Boysenberries
    • Cranberries
    • Gooseberries
    • Loganberries
    • Mulberries
    • Raspberries
    • Strawberries
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    Skinny guinea pig with watermelon.
    Watermelon is a popular treat for guinea pigs.

    Getty Images/Alexandra Jursova

    Melons are refreshing in the summer for both you and your guinea pig. Small pieces of the following melons can be offered as a treat:

    • Cantaloupe melon
    • Honeydew melon
    • Watermelon
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    Orange slice with a guinea pig.
    Oranges are safe for guinea pigs to eat.

    Getty Images/Steven White

    Be sure to peel them first, but otherwise a slice of these citrus fruits are safe to give to your cavy:

    • Grapefruit
    • Oranges
    • Tangerines
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    Guinea pig with grapes in a bowl.
    A grape or two makes a fun treat for your guinea pig to roll around.

    Getty Images/danhughes

    Both red and green grapes are okay to offer to your guinea pig as a treat. Just one or two grapes will make your pig a happy one.

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    Guava fruit sliced in half.
    Guava isn't an exotic fruit your guinea pig may love to eat.

    Getty Images/ ALEAIMAGE

    If you're looking for a new treat to offer your guinea pig, try a piece of guava. This tropical fruit should always have the rind cut off before eating.

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    Kiwi fruit sliced in half.
    Kiwi fruits are fuzzy on the outside but slimy on the inside.

    Getty Images/Antagain

    Fuzzy on the outside, slimy with seeds on the inside, the kiwi fruit is a tasty treat. Thankfully it's safe to share this fruit with your guinea pig.

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    Mango with slices and leaves
    Mangoes are safe for guinea pigs to eat as treats.

    Getty Images/ALEAIMAGE

    Mangoes are delicious fruits you can share with your guinea pig. Be sure to peel this vibrant fruit before giving a slice to your pet.

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    Passion fruit

    Passion fruit cut in half with leaves.
    Passion fruits make for a unique treat for your guinea pig.

    Getty Images/RedHelga

    Only the inside of this fruit should be given to your guinea pig. The unique seedy interior can make for a fun treat experience.

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    Pineapple on side with slices
    Pineapples are tart and sweet treats for guinea pigs.

    Getty Images/FuatKose

    Some for you, some for your guinea pig. Pineapples come with plenty of fruit inside for you to share, just avoid feeding the core and spiky outer skin.

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    Plum cut in half
    Plums are safe treats for guinea pigs.

    Getty Images/aluxum

    Softer than an apple but firmer than a peach, the plum might just be that in between treat your guinea pig is looking for.

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    Prickly Pear

    Prickly pear fruit
    If you're looking for a unique treat for your guinea pig, try offering a piece of prickly pear.

    Getty Images/loops7

    You might not think that a cactus has fruit, but the prickly pear cactus does. Try giving your guinea pig a piece of this desert fruit for a change as long as you remove the skin and spikes first.

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    Starfruit is an exotic fruit that is safe for guinea pigs.

    Getty Images/mikehillpics

    Arguably the prettiest shape that a fruit slice naturally comes in, the star fruit is also a tasty treat you can give your guinea pig.

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    Tomato slice and a guinea pig
    Tomatoes are a fun treat to offer guinea pigs.

    Getty Images/SarapulSar38

    Technically a fruit but often considered a vegetable, tomatoes are a tasty treat for guinea pigs.

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    Guinea pig with a whole peach.
    Peaches are safe for guinea pigs to eat.

    Getty Images/Kateryna Kutsevol

    The fuzzy skin on these fruits is edible, but your guinea pig may prefer the sweet interior flesh.