Horse Tack and Its Uses

The Defintion of Horse Tack

Riding tack, Chantilly, France
Riding tack, Chantilly, France Troy House / Getty Images

Definition: Horse tack is any equipment used to ride a horse, such as saddle, girth, cinches, bridles, martingales. Tack may also refer to equipment like halters, lead ropes, whips, long reins, wraps and other items used in handling and caring for horses. Driving harness may also be referred to as tack. Tack is made of many different materials, although traditionally leather is used. Synthetic tack can refer to the many types of synthetic materials, used to make almost every type of horse tack.

Stores that sell horse equipment are called tack shops or tack stores. Putting a saddle and bridle on your horse is referred to as tacking up. If you put your saddle and bridle on your horse, you as said to have tacked up. When it's time to tack up, it's time to get ready to ride.

Tack meanings in other sports, like sailing.

Pronunciation: tak (rhymes with 'pack')

Also known as equipment

Examples: She was excited to go shopping in the tack shop for a brand new saddle.

At the last minute, they decided to quickly tack up and for a ride.