Where to Find Free Horse Books Online

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There are many free horse books online that you can download for reading on your Kobo, Kindle or other e-readers. Many are antiquated and need to be taken with a grain of salt. How we think about horses, and what we know about their care and health has changed. But in many of these books, you'll find sound wisdom and the roots of many of our care and training methods. In some cases, you may learn how not to do things. You'll also find a sprinkling of horse fiction and memoirs that are just fun to read and provide an interesting glimpse into the days when horses played a much larger part in our lives.

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    The Kobo Store

    Close-up of a Bas Relief sculpture of horse racing, Agora Museum, Agora, Greece
    Xenophon wrote one of the first known horse books. You can find it for free on the Kobo store Medioimages/Photodisc / Getty Images

    The Kobo Store has free horse books, and many available for purchase as well. You’ll find some fiction, and many older titles on horse training, horse care, and riding. Many, but not all of these are from Project Gutenberg, and were written in the mid to late 1800s’. They provide an interesting look at the horse world when horses were an important mode of transportation. The benefit of getting books through Kobo Books, rather than through Project Guttenberg is that they are optimized for the features available on your Kobo Reader. ​

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    Kindle eBooks

    Black Beauty
    Scene from the movie Black Beauty, based on the classic novel

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    The Kindle eBook store is similar to the Kobo Store and many of the same selections can be found. These ebooks are optimized for the Kindle readers and can't be read by many other types of e-readers. Of course, the Amazon store is packed with fiction and non-fiction horse books to buy, but there are some free cool finds too:

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    Project Gutenberg

    Zane Grey posing with polo player
    Zane Grey wrote many adventure stories of the old west

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    Project Gutenberg is a great resource for all types of books and there are many fiction and non-fiction titles available as ebooks. Some favorites include.

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    'Fresh as a four year old. Went off like a shot', 1865
    From Mr. Facey Romford's Hounds, written by Robert Smith Surtees

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    The Internet Archive that includes the Wayback Machine, has been archiving websites since 1996, and also building a digital library, drawing on many different library sources of electronic texts. You'll find many of the same books here that you will on Project Gutenberg and more since the collections include texts from many different Canadian and American libraries, universities, and cultural collections. One of the most notable collections for horse lovers is the John A. Seaverns Equine Collection. The texts of about 1500 books available are drawn from the 6600 book collection that covers every aspect of horse care, breaking, racing, hunting, military training, driving, and horse-drawn vehicles, veterinary practice antiquated and law. You will also find:

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    Your Local Library

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    Library services have horse books for you to download to your computer, ereader or tablet

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    Many local libraries offer services such as Libraries on the Go, and Pulse that allows patrons to check out ebooks just as they would a physical library. On the Ebsco Host are recently written books on horse care, breeds of the world, improving equine fitness and horse safety to name just a few. Other library ebook resources offer many fiction and non-fiction titles.