Working Dog Breeds

Meet the working dog breed group, which is smart, patient and willing to learn just about anything for its owners
Intelligent, patient and willing to pick up new tricks, the working dog can do some heavy lifting...and then some.
Up close portrait of schnauzer on couch
Meet the Standard Schnauzer With the Bushy Beard
Blue Lacy Dog
Meet the Blue Lacy Dog From Texas
Anatolian Shepherd: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care
Learn About the Loyal and Protective Anatolian Shepherd
Greater Swiss mountain dog lying in leaves
Learn About the Large and Loyal Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Texas Heeler dog standing outside
Learn About The Spunky and Fun Texas Heeler
Person petting black terrier
10 Best Dog Breeds for Emotional Support
English Labrador by water
Learn About the Friendly and Active English Labrador Retriever
Chinook dog in a field with a woman
Learn About the Hardworking and Friendly Chinook Dog
Great Pyrenees dog
Meet the Great Pyrenees: A Gentle Giant Guardian
Shaggy-haired Komondor looking at the camera
Discover the Rare Komondor
Newfoundland dogs
Learn About the Large and Loyal Newfoundland
Kuvasz Dog Profile
Meet the Large and Loyal Kuvasz Dog
Siberian Husky standing indoors in profile
Siberian Husky: Dog Breed Profile
Kai Ken Dog Breed Portrait
Learn All About the Lovable Kai Ken
A Boxer dog standing in the tall grass
Learn About the Playful and Popular Boxer
German shepherd dog with long black and brown fur laying on sand
The 10 Strongest Dog Breeds
Bernese mountain dog standing indoors in profile
Learn About the Loyal and Friendly Bernese Mountain Dog
Great Dane
Meet the Sweet-Natured Great Dane
Caucasian shepherd lying in a field
Learn About the Massive and Protective Caucasian Shepherd
Standing side profile of a Perro de Presa Canario dog
The Perro de Presa Canario Is the Ideal Guard Dog
Standing side profile of a Neapolitan Mastiff
Meet the Massive Neapolitan Mastiff
Standing side profile of a Bullmastiff dog
Learn About the Large and Protective Bullmastiff
Samoyed dog standing indoors in profile
Meet the Fluffy and Friendly Samoyed Dog
Husky puppy in a wild forest
8 Wild Facts About Wolf Dogs
Standing side profile of a Tibetan Mastiff dog
Meet the Magnificent Tibetan Mastiff
Doberman Pinscher
Is a Doberman Pinscher the Right Dog for You?
Dogue de Bordeaux (French Mastiff): Characteristics & Care
Meet the Dogue de Bordeaux, France's Gentle Giant
Standing side profile of an Akita Inu dog in the grass
Meet the Brave and Quiet Akita Dog Breed
Dogo Argentino with a butterfly on its nose
Learn About the Protective and Loving Dogo Argentino
Standing side profile of a Leonberger (Leo) dog breed
Meet the Distinguished Leonberger Dog Breed
Mastiff: Dog Breed Characteristics & Care
Learn About the Massive Mastiff
Adult gray Alaskan malamute standing on grass
Learn About the Loyal Alaskan Malamute
Standing side profile of a Portuguese Water Dog
Meet the Active and Trainable Portuguese Water Dog
Service dog
What Is a Service Dog?
Standing side profile of a Karelian Bear Dog
Meet the Super Smart Karelian Bear Dog
Should You Bring Home a Loyal, Hard-Working Rottweiler?
boerboel outside in front of flowers
Learn About the Confident and Watchful Boerboel
Saint Bernard walking on grass
Learn About the Gentle and Protective Saint Bernard
Hovawart dog in field
Meet the Watchful Hovawart Dog
German pinscher standing outside
Learn About the Energetic and Affectionate German Pinscher
Giant schnauzer portrait
Learn All About the Bold Giant Schnauzer
Standing side profile of a black Russian terrier dog
Learn About the Calm and Confident Black Russian Terrier
Young woman hugging her dog
How to Register an Emotional Support Animal
Black and white borer collie dog laying on rattan rug
10 Best Dog Breeds for Seizure Alert
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4 Best Alaskan Dog Breeds
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What Is a Pit Bull?
Dog on plane
What to Know About Traveling With Your Emotional Support Pet
K-9 Police Dog
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Search and rescue dog
All About Search and Rescue Dogs
Great Pyrenees
Get to Know the Great Pyrenees
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Caring for Giant Dog Breeds
Black seeing-eye dog leading visually impaired woman
7 Types of Working Dogs and the Jobs They Do
People petting dog in group therapy session
3 Popular Therapy Animals