10 Best Dog Breeds With Yellow Fur

French bulldog with tan fur and pointed ears sitting on white couch

The Spruce / Kristie Lee

Many people are familiar with yellow Labrador retrievers. But there are several other dog breeds that sport coats in various shades of yellow. Some of these breeds have fur that’s more of a light tan while others are a rich golden color. While some of these dogs are relatives, many range widely in their personalities and build. What unites them is their striking yellow coat.

Here are 10 dog breeds that have genes for yellow coats.


You might associate the color yellow with a sunny disposition, but a dog's coat color won't affect its personality. It's important to keep in mind that even the most adorable, approachable-looking dogs might not be that sociable.

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    Labrador Retriever

    Labrador retriever with yellow and white fur laying on gray couch

    The Spruce / Kristie Lee

    From their easygoing, sweet personalities to their big, goofy grins, there's a lot to love about Labrador retrievers. Labs come in three main coat colors with yellow being one of them. Their coat is thick and water-resistant, which is helpful as these dogs were bred to swim and retrieve waterfowl on a hunt.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 22.5 to 24.5 inches (male); 21.5 to 23.5 inches (female)

    Weight: 65 to 80 pounds (male); 55 and 70 pounds (female)

    Physical Characteristics: Short, dense, double coat; comes in yellow, black, or chocolate

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    French Bulldog

    A French bulldog lounging on a couch

    Tetra Images - Jessica Peterson / Getty Images

    French bulldogs, also known as Frenchies, have a short coat that's often a light yellow or tan. They do tend to be moderate shedders. Still, their coat is easy to maintain with a weekly brushing to remove loose fur and dirt. Beyond their coat, Frenchies are prone to skin issues, but regular baths can help to keep their skin healthy.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 11 to 13 inches

    Weight: 19 to 28 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short, smooth coat; comes in yellow, white, fawn, or brindle or combinations of these colors

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    Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    A Pembroke Welsh corgi outdoors

    Purple Collar Pet Photography / Getty Images

    The Pembroke Welsh corgi is often seen sporting a coat of light tan with white markings. These dogs tend to shed a lot. But brushing a few times a week can help to catch loose fur before it makes its way onto your furniture. The corgi’s thick coat is ideal to keep it insulated against cold and rain. 

    Breed Overview

    Height: 10 to 12 inches

    Weight: 24 to 30 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Medium-length double coat; comes in yellow, fawn, black, red, or sable; all colors are typically paired with white markings

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    Cairn Terrier

    Cairn terrier in a forest

    Tara Gregg / Getty Images

    Cairn terriers have a wiry coat that commonly comes in a salt and pepper coloring, though it can be a lighter cream or yellow as well. These little dogs are only moderate shedders. And a weekly brushing should suffice to keep their coat free of loose fur, tangles, and dirt. 

    Breed Overview

    Height: 9 to 10 inches

    Weight: 12 to 15 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Dense, double coat with a wiry outer layer; comes in yellow, cream, gray, black, and brindle

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    Black Mouth Cur

    A black mouth cur sitting in grass

    Laurie Gouley / Pexels

    The black mouth cur has a short but thick single coat, which can come in yellow or tan, among other colors. These dogs also are moderate shedders, but grooming is typically easy. Brushing through their coat on a weekly basis will remove loose fur and dirt, and regular baths will keep the coat fresh.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 18 to 25 inches (male); 16 to 23 inches (female)

    Weight: 40 to 95 pounds (male); 35 to 80 pounds (female)

    Physical Characteristics: Short fur that can be fine or coarse; comes in yellow, tan, red, or brown; distinctive black muzzle

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    Golden Retriever

    Golden retriever with a yellow coat laying down outside

    The Spruce / Kristie Lee

    Golden retrievers can range in color from a very pale yellow to a deep reddish gold. These friendly dogs have a thick undercoat with a water-repellent outer coat, and they are high shedders. A daily brushing is best to capture loose fur and prevent mats. And baths can be done roughly once or twice a month.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 23 to 24 inches (male); 21.5 to 22.5 inches (female)

    Weight: 65 to 75 pounds (male); 55 to 65 pounds (female)

    Physical Characteristics: Silky, medium-length, double coat; comes in yellow, golden, white, cream, and copper

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    Lhasa Apso

    Three Lhasa apsos outdoors

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images

    Lhasa apsos are known for their long, flowing coats, which can come in an array of colors, including a creamy yellow. Some people keep the coat trimmed short for easier maintenance while others let it grow naturally. The long coat must be brushed daily to prevent tangles and mats. And regardless of length, the coat will need regular trims.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 10 to 11 inches

    Weight: 12 to 18 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Dense, double coat; comes in yellow, white, black, gray, cream, or a combination of colors

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    Goldendoodle dog with tan and curly coat standing outside with tongue out

    The Spruce / Kristie Lee

    Goldendoodles are a cross between golden retrievers and poodles. And consequently they can come in the creams, yellows, and golds of their parent breeds. These dogs can be low shedders if they take after the poodle side of their lineage. But their coats still need regular brushing, as the shaggy, curly fur can mat easily.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 13 to 26 inches

    Weight: 45 to 100 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Shaggy, curly coat; comes in yellow, gold, cream, red, black, brown, white, or gray

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    Chihuahua dog with with white and tan long fur standing outside

    The Spruce / Kristie Lee

    Chihuahuas often are seen in varying shades of tan, from a buttery yellow to a deeper reddish tan. These dogs can have short or long coats. The short coats are generally very low-maintenance and don’t shed much. The long coats require more frequent brushing to remove tangles, but they still don’t shed excessively.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 6 to 9 inches

    Weight: 2 to 6 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short and smooth coat or long coat; comes in yellow, white, fawn, red, cream, blue, silver, chocolate, or black

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    Great Dane

    A profile of a Great Dane

    Dominique McReynolds / Getty Images 

    Great Danes come in many coat colors and patterns, but they’re often seen in a yellowish tan color. Even though they have short fur, their coats tend to shed a lot, especially during the spring and fall. But a weekly brushing and baths once or twice a month is usually all they need.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 28 to 34 inches

    Weight: 100 to 200 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short, smooth coat; comes in yellow, fawn, blue, black, or brindle