10 Yellow Dog Breeds

A Golden Retriever outdoors.

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From the adorable Pembroke Welsh Corgi, to the athletic Black Mouth Cur, to the giant Great Dane, there are so many sweet, yellow doggos out there.

Having a hard time choosing the perfect yellow dog breed for your family? We've rounded up some of the most popular yellow dogs in the world.


You might associate the color yellow with a sunny disposition, but your dog's coat color won't affect his or her personality. Every dog is different and may require a little—or a lot—of obedience training.

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    Labrador Retriever

    Adult Labrador Retrievers sitting outside.

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    From their calm, sweet personalities, to their big, goofy grins, there's a lot to love about Labrador Retrievers—and their consistent ranking as America's most beloved dog breed proves it. Did you know the Labrador Retriever has been the number one dog breed in the United States for the last 25 years? That's longer than any other breed!

    Breed Overview

    Height: 22.5 to 24.5 inches (males); 21.5 to 23.5 inches (females)

    Weight: 65 to 80 pounds (males); 55 and 70 pounds (females)

    Physical Characteristics: Short, dense, double coats that come in yellow, cream, black, or chocolate

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    French Bulldog

    A French Bulldog lounging on a couch.

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    French bulldogs, otherwise known as Frenchies, have an interesting origin story. Sure, they're related to English Bulldogs—as their name implies—but they were originally bred for a very specific reason. Back in the day, before central air and heating, English artisans would use toy-sized bulldogs as living lap-warmers while they worked in their shops. When these artisans moved to France during the Industrial Revolution, their toy-sized bulldogs likely bred with French terriers, producing the French Bulldog we know and love today.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 11 to 13 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 19 to 28 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short, smooth coats coming in yellow, white, fawn, and brindle, or combinations of these colors

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    Pembroke Welsh Corgi

    A Pembroke Welsh Corgi outdoors.

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    It's well-known that Pembroke Welsh Corgis are one of the most cherished dog breeds out there—just ask the Queen of England, Betty White, or the entirety of the Internet. According to Welsh legend, Corgis were pretty darn popular among Welsh fairies and elves, too. Legend says that these pint-sized pooches not only pulled fairy-sized coaches and herded fairy cattle, but they carried fairy warriors into battle, too.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 24 to 30 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Medium-length, double coat coming in yellow, fawn, black, red, or sable; all of these colors are typically paired with white markings

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    Cairn Terrier

    Cairn Terrier side view standing on grass

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    One of the oldest types of terriers, Cairn Terriers are well-known for their energetic personalities and somewhat scruffy appearance. Despite their long, varied history, however, Cairn Terriers didn't become popular until 1939 when Terry the Cairn Terrier played—you guessed it—Toto in the classic film The Wizard of Oz.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 9 to 10 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 12 to 15 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Dense, double coats with a wiry outer layer, coming in yellow, cream, gray, black, and brindle

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    Black Mouth Cur

    A Black Mouth Cur sitting in grass.

    Laurie Gouley / Pexels

    Although the exact origins of the Black Mouth Cur are unknown, it's widely accepted that the breed originated somewhere in the southern United States. There, they were employed as working dogs for hunting, herding, and home protection. Because the Black Mouth Cur was bred as a working dog, they have boundless energy—and need at least two hours of exercise each day. If you love to hike or jog, these energetic pooches may be the perfect pick for you.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 18 to 25 inches (male); 16 to 23 inches (female)

    Weight: 40 to 95 pounds (male); 35 to 80 pounds (female)

    Physical Characteristics: Short fur that can be fine or coarse, coming in yellow, tan, red, or brown; black Mouth Curs are known for their distinctive black muzzles

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    Golden Retriever

    A Golden Retriever outdoors.

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    Golden Retrievers are best-known for their super sweet, calm personalities, but these gentle giants have some serious smarts, too. Because they were originally bred as working dogs, Golden Retrievers love to have a job. Coupled with the fact that they're relatively easy to train, Goldens are often employed as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, hunting dogs, and even movie stars.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 23 to 24 inches (males); 21.5 to 22.5 inches (females)

    Weight: 65 to 75 pounds (males); 55 to 65 pounds (females)

    Physical Characteristics: Silky, medium-length, double coats coming in yellow, golden, white, cream, and copper

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    Lhasa Apso

    Three Lhasa Apsos outdoors.

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    Don't let their small stature and diva-esque 'dos deceive you—Lhasa Apsos (otherwise known as "bark lion sentinel dogs" in Tibet) have worked as tiny guard dogs for thousands of years. Originating in Tibet over 2,500 years ago, Lhasa Apsos served as watchdogs for temples and palaces. Although Lhasa Apsos aren't used as guard dogs today, they've definitely retained their big-dog-in-a-small-dog's-body personalities.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 10 to 11 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 12 to 18 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Dense, double coats coming in yellow, white, black, gray, cream, or a combination of colors

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    A Goldendoodle looking at the camera.

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    Although no dogs are truly hypoallergenic, Goldendoodles come pretty darn close. A cross-breed between Golden Retrievers and Poodles, Goldendoodles can attribute their hypoallergenic hair and low rate of shedding to their Poodle ancestors.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 13 to 26 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 45 to 100 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Shaggy, curly coats coming in yellow, gold, cream, red, black, brown, white, or gray.

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    A Chihuahua looking into the camera.

    Kohei Hara / DigitalVision / Getty Images

    Chihuahuas often have a reputation as glam, diva-ish, purse dogs, but these tiny canines have some serious brains, too. In fact, Chihuahuas' brains are larger than any other dog breeds', in terms of brain-to-body-size ratios. How else would they have tricked their owners into carrying them around all the time?

    Breed Overview

    Height: 6 to 9 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 2 to 6 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short and smooth or long coats coming in yellow, white, fawn, red, cream, blue, silver, chocolate and black

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    Great Dane

    A profile of a Great Dane.

    Dominique McReynolds / Moment / Getty Images 

    Playful, loyal, calm, and weighing up to 200 pounds fully grown, Great Danes are the gentle giants of the canine world. Despite their massive size, Great Danes are far more mellow than you might think. In fact, after puppyhood, most Great Danes can meet their daily exercise requirements with a few walks per day.

    Breed Overview

    Height: 28 to 34 inches at the shoulder

    Weight: 100 to 200 pounds

    Physical Characteristics: Short, smooth hair in yellow, fawn, blue, black, or brindle