Your Guide to Online Horse Sim Games

Where to Find Online Horse Sim Games

Two young women looking at laptop computer with horse looking over their shoulders.
Horse games you don't need a horse for. Image Credit:SashaFoxWalters E+ /Getty Images

Do you enjoy playing online horse sim games? Online horse sim games can be a fun way to pass the time and perhaps learn a little about horses along the way. I have created a list of all the horse quizzes on the About Horses site, so you can find them easily. All of the answers to these quizzes is on the About Horses website.


Horse Sim Games at

Horse games at include show jumping, racing, and a jigsaw puzzle. These games require Shockwave to play. They are simple to play, although after my attempt at show jumping, but you may find you need a good coach.

Pony Box

Manage your own stable of sim horses in the free online horse sim game Pony Box. There is no software to download. Compete in realistic and fantasy horse sports like dressage, polo, barrel racing, buffalo hunting and cloud jumping. Also, has active social forums and informative articles. 



Horseland is one of the oldest horse games on the internet. This was my daughter’s favorite horse game when she was in her early teens (and before she discovered the now defunct but much missed Ludus Equinus horse game.) Breed and show your own sim horses and dogs. You can even build your own 3D jump course, and ride your sim horse through a 3D world. You may find the spin-off cartoon ‘Horseland’is on television.


Horse Isle

Catch a wild horse on Horse Isle horse sim game, care for it and train it, and compete in sim shows. You can build your own ranch, solve story-based quests, post poetry and drawings, buy sim tack and choose your horse’s breed. You will need Flash 8 or higher installed and a fast internet connection (if you're still in the rare areas  without high-speed, dial-up may be too slow.) The basic membership is free or you can upgrade for a monthly fee.


White Oak Stables

White Oak Stables is a free online horse game designed to emphasize the realistic time, skill and money management needed to run a successful horse stable in three different disciplines; English, western and racing, and have fun at the same time. Members breed, show, race, train and care for their own horses. There are games, parties, contests, story archives, and lots of free prizes every month. While the emphasis is on fun, the creator also hopes to raise awareness about the problem of unwanted horses. as a large collection of Shockwave based horse games. You can play horse games based on jumping, racing, trail riding, cross country and dress up. I finished the barrel race horse game in 43.09 seconds with one penalty for hitting the barrel. Makes you wonder how someone with such poor eye-hand coordination can actually ride a real horse.


A Virtual Horse

A Virtual Horse sim game claims to be one of the top online horse games. Breed your sim horses and learn about color and genetics, build your own ranch, train your horses and manufacture your own virtual tack. You can try the game as a guest.



Equine-Ranch is a realistic horse sim game that requires actual skill to play. Breed, raise, train, buy, sell, and compete with virtual horses in other players from around the world. Choose from 247 breeds, 11 disciplines, and 7 competition levels.


My Stable

With My Stable you own, breed, train, show, and care for your virtual horses. Sell horses on the My Stable market or at auction. You can even see your horses in their stalls. Become a top trainer, breeder or catch wild horses. Earn and win M ystable money by selling and winning at shows or through the Mystable lottery.